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Vehicle Transmission Unit | Middle Village Transmission Repair and Service

The Transmission Maintenance Guide

The transmission is one of the most complex systems in your car and proper maintenance is crucial. In order to prevent unnecessary issues, keeping up with regular transmission maintenance will save you time and lots of money!

Signs of Transmission Issues

  • Grinding noise when shifting into gear
  • Delay in movement
  • Strange smell
  • Fluid Leaks
  • Warning light

Mechanic Holding Transmission Gears | Middle Village Transmission Repair and Service

How To Maintain Your Transmission

The easiest maintenance practice is regularly replacing transmission fluid. Making sure these fluids are clean will greatly improve the longevity of your transmission system. The fluid is measured with a dipstick. If you you are unsure where the dipstick is, refer to your vehicles owners manual.

Check the transmission fluid by simply removing the dipstick and viewing the level of fluid left in your vehicle. Make sure to keep your fluids at the specified levels located on the dipstick. Make sure you don't add too much fluid as this can also cause problems.

Additional Practices

Overheating your vehicle can also affect the transmission. If you are towing a heavy load or in stop and go traffic on a hot day, your transmission may also be damaged. Making sure to not over exert your vehicle beyond normal limits will help maintain a properly functioning transmission.

Quick Checklist For Your Next Transmission Service

  • Replace the Pan Gasket
  • Clean and Remove Grime
  • Replacement Transmission Filter
  • Transmission Fluid

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