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Honda Oil Service

You can get a oil change pretty much anywhere, right? It is true that an oil change is a basic service any vehicle needs periodically however it does matter where you are getting your oil changes performed.

Are quick lubes a good place to get my oil changed?

Quick lubes are a great place for one thing, speed. They can be the most convenient place to have your oil changed on your Honda. There are however several potential drawbacks. Quick lubes generally hire "lube techs" that are not well versed with automotive repair and maintenance. This can cause problems in lube techs not performing oil changes appropriately and not properly inspecting the rest of the car for any possible issues. Speed can also be a detriment as there have been many instances where oil drain plugs are left loose and customers have experienced their engines losing oil and damaging the engine. You don't have to take our word for it, just google it. Another potential issue is quality of components. Quick lubes are looking to make maximum profit from the oil change and will sacrifice oil and oil filter quality. We have seen that many times the quality in synthetic oil does not meet Honda manufacturer's specification and quality. The oil filters are also often times subpar in quality which can cause internal engine damage.

Does the kind of oil and oil filter really matter?

Motor oil both cools and lubricates internal engine components. Oil sees a tremendous amount of heat and friction in your engine and is vitally important that a quality oil is used to maintain the integrity of metal engine parts. You should always use oil and synthetic oil that meets or exceeds Honda specification.

Oil filters are also not all equal. A low quality oil filter may disintegrate within your vehicle which allows particles to travel and damage engine components and clog internal oil passages that can result in low engine performance or costly repairs.

I've always had my oil changed at my mechanic and he never told me about...

At Essential Auto Care we don't perform oil changes. Confused? Ok, YES we change oil but what we perform is not just an oil change but rather an Honda Oil Service. Our oil service includes the added value of our courtesy digital vehicle inspection. Traditionally a professional auto repair shop would perform an inspection and recommend needed service and maintenance. At Essential Auto Care we take it a step further by having our ASE certified technician perform this inspection in a digital format that includes recommendation notes and pictures that can properly illustrate any problem areas on your vehicle. It's like getting a comprehensive check up from your doctor but for your Honda! The best part about it, its a part of the oil service that you are already getting.

So who should change my oil?

Convenience, speed, comprehensive, customer service, quality engine oil and filter, and a real automotive technician is what you should be looking for when choosing an service center to change your oil. If you are in the middle village or queens ny area, Essential Auto Care hits all criteria. We prioritize oil service appointments and 99% of the time we can get you in the same day or when the best time for you. While you wait for your oil service, we have a comfortable spacious waiting area with complimentary refreshments including snacks, soda, and coffee. Want to drop your car off? We can shuttle you anywhere you want to go. We have the friendliest staff, use the best OE products and  a ASE certified technician performs your oil service, not someone unqualified.

Check our specials page, we usually always run an oil change special for new customers. We want to give you a low risk opportunity to experience our service. Contact us for your next oil change!

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