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Honda Brake Service

One of the repair items that will have to be addressed if you own a Honda is the brake system. Brakes  along with tires are extremely important in proper safety and performance in operating a vehicle as they are the two most important parts of your Honda that actually stop your vehicle. Having the right auto repair shop to properly perform Honda brake service is vital in proper operation, longevity and drivability.

How do I know when I need to change my brakes?

Some vehicles today are equipped with electronic sensors that indicate when the brakes are low or need to be changed. Hondas are not equipped with such sensors, instead they have brake wear indicators which produce a loud audible squeak when your brake pads are low and in need of replacement. Unfortunately if your brake pads are low enough to create this audible noise, you already may be experiencing poor brake performance. In severe cases you may also be damaging other brake components that do not yet need to be serviced such as brake rotors and brake calipers.

At Essential Auto Care we recommend that your Honda brake system to be checked periodically. In fact with all of our services we provide a complimentary visual maintenance inspection where our ASE certified technicians visually inspect your brake system. This is usually good enough to detect whether or not you need to have your brakes serviced or how much life you have left on your brake pads and rotors. This is especially valuable if you are in need of Honda brake service near Queens NY.

What does the brake system consist of?

The brake system on your Honda consists of several parts and also coincide with some other systems. Generally what you need to know is brake pads are the most common wear items that are serviced. Brake pads are installed onto a brake caliper which squeezes down onto your brake rotor or commonly called a brake disc. The caliper squeezes down and the brake pads create friction onto your brake rotor to shop your vehicle. This happens when you apply pressure onto your brake pedal. The action of depressing your brake pedal activates the hydraulic system. Brake fluid flows within the hydraulic system making it possible for your calipers to operate properly.

The most common components in a general brake service that you may encounter are replacement of the brake pads, brake rotors (or discs), brake fluid service and potentially replacement of calipers over time. The brake pads are made with compound which wears over time as it rubs against the metal brake rotor. The brake rotor also wear over time due to the constant friction of the brake pads. To make the system work properly, having proper brake fluid in the system with little to no moisture content is essential. Brake fluid service is recommended every 2 years or 30,000 miles. At Essential Auto Care we also use a brake fluid tester to measure the moisture content in the brake fluid. If the moisture content is above 3% we recommend a brake fluid flush. At times you may also need to service or replace your brake calipers as they may become seized or leak over time either due to wear or improper maintenance.

Will service and repairs on my Honda brakes be expensive?

The cost of repairs will vary depending on what needs to be service. The cost will also depend on the year and model that you drive. This because a civic or accord will have different brake parts than a Pilot or an Odyssey. The good news is that with proper maintenance, vehicle ownership will generally cost less per mileage driven. Just like going to the dentist regularly, your dentist just like your mechanic can help prevent and maintain costly problems. At Essential Auto Care we take a proactive approach as all our client vehicles get a digital vehicle health report when they visit us. We like to keep our clients up to date and well informed about their Honda.

Can I replace my brakes anywhere?

There is a right way and a wrong way to service your brake system on your honda. Having a service center to properly perform a quality repair or service on your brakes is essential. Professional, experienced and certified Honda automotive technicians are important as well as the quality of parts used and warranty policy of the service department.

We can say confidently that if you are looking for honda brake service near middle village ny, Essential Auto Care is the right choice. We employ only ASE certified technicians on our team that are factory trained to service Honda vehicles. Our 3 year or 36,000 mile warranty is an industry leader. Before we even recommend any brake service work on your Honda, our technicians perform a digital visual inspection to determine exactly what needs to be addressed. Transparency in workmanship is our goal.

If you are a new customer, we often run service specials on our website. Our purpose for offering specials is to give you a low risk opportunity to experience our service. Come and experience a true dealership alternative, we look forward to meeting you.

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