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Queens, New York, Engine Service

Keeping Your Engine In Optimal Condition

It’s no surprise that proper care for your engine will keep your vehicle running longer. Any repairs to your engine should be taken care of immediately in order to prevent future damage. Engine repairs are among the most costly and many issues can be avoided with better preventative maintenance practices. When it’s time to service your engine, trust the certified professionals at Essential Auto Care!

Symptoms Of A Failing Engine

There are hundreds of moving parts and electrical systems which are constantly working to keep your engine running strong. Unfortunately it’s not uncommon for these complicated mechanical components to wear and brake over time. The following are some of the most common signs of a failing engine:

Warning Light, “Check Engine”

Check Engine Dash | Middle Village Auto Engine Service

Jerking or Stalling


Knocking, hissing, backfiring, or tapping are all sounds that should be checked out ASAP.

Foul Smells


This will likely come from the front of your car or the tailpipe.

Are You Worried About The Condition of Your Engine?

Car with Open Hood | Middle Village Auto Engine Service

At Essential Auto Care our ASE certified professionals will give your vehicle the care it needs to be road worthy. Our service advisers are trained to clearly explain issues found on the car and offer you the best customer service in New York! Your trust in us is our goal and we would like to provide you with an exceptional service.

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