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Queens, New York, Computer Diagnostic

Accessing The Vehicle's Computer

Technicians will access your cars onboard computer in order to view fault codes, rate performance, efficiency and diagnose a wide array of issues. There are thousands of possible fault codes that can come up from a vehicle scan and it takes an experienced technician to properly resolve the issues. At Essential Auto Care we use top of the line scanners to ensure accuracy while inspecting your vehicle. Our ASE certified technicians have years of experience diagnosing issues that come from vehicle scans and will even find issues the computer doesn’t pick up.

Can I Scan The Car Myself?

A simple answer is yes however, identifying a fault code alone will not give you all the answers to your problem. For example, a fault code in your vehicle's AC system will not tell you the exact location or even the exact part that needs to be repaired. There are times where a fault code identifies an issue with the compressor, but the issue is not related to the compressor itself. Many fault codes can be identified from scans however, it is the job of an experienced technician to utilize this information and provide an exact diagnosis of the fault.

Once a customer advises for a full diagnostic scan they will receive an in depth report on the vehicle’s status. Full digital diagnostics also come with technician notes and pictures sent directly to your phone or email.

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