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Toyota Check Engine Light

Toyota Check Engine Light Repair in Middle Village, Queens, New York Starting your Toyota and witnessing a check engine light can be a scary situation. When this warning light appears, it’s important the owner addresses these issues immediately. These issues range between minor and severe. “Why is my check engine light on?” We often diagnose Toyota Camrys with Exhaust and Emission issues. These issues can range from a loose gas cap to failed oxygen sensor. Loose Gas Cap     If the car has a loose gas cap the check engine light will appear. This will show on scans as a leak. Fortunately this is a simple fix where the gas cap needs to be tightened.   Oxygen Sensor     A component of the oxygen sensor may stop working, causing a check engine light. The engine computer will then be unable to determine air to fuel ratios. Replacing the oxygen sensor will likely fix the issue. Canister Purge Valve The canister purge valve allo ... read more


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