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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Problems with your Subaru's timing belt?

Queens, New York, Subaru Timing Belt Replacement A common service for Subaru's that, when performed before failure, save thousands of dollars in repairs is the timing belt service. The timing belt is a vital component of your Subaru’s engine that synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft and camshafts. This allows the engine’s valves to properly open and close during each cylinder’s intake and exhaust strokes. When this component fails, complete breakdown or catastrophic engine failure is possible.More likely than not, the least amount of damage done will be valves that bend as a result of contact with moving pistons. These repairs, while not as costly as catastrophic engine failure, amount to much more than the replacement of the timing belt. When replacing the timing belt, it is recommended that the timing belt tensioner and water pump are also replaced in conjunction. Proper tensioning of the belt is key when replacing the belt - if it is too loose the bel ... read more



Toyota Check Engine Light

Toyota Check Engine Light Repair in Middle Village, Queens, New York Starting your Toyota and witnessing a check engine light can be a scary situation. When this warning light appears, it’s important the owner addresses these issues immediately. These issues range between minor and severe. “Why is my check engine light on?” We often diagnose Toyota Camrys with Exhaust and Emission issues. These issues can range from a loose gas cap to failed oxygen sensor. Loose Gas Cap     If the car has a loose gas cap the check engine light will appear. This will show on scans as a leak. Fortunately this is a simple fix where the gas cap needs to be tightened.   Oxygen Sensor     A component of the oxygen sensor may stop working, causing a check engine light. The engine computer will then be unable to determine air to fuel ratios. Replacing the oxygen sensor will likely fix the issue. Canister Purge Valve The canister purge valve allo ... read more



Honda Suspension and Steering

Queens, New York, Honda Suspension and Steering Although Hondas are generally durable cars, suspension and steering may require some routine repair. Inclement weather, harsh terrain and general wear and tear affect their longevity. Weather you own a brand new 2018 Civic sedan or an older model with high mileage it’s recommended to routinely service the suspension, preventing future complications. Simple signs such as squeaking, rattling, and knocking are common noises related to steering and suspension issues. Other symptoms might not be so clear and will require a technician to accurately diagnose.      Hearing strange noises is the most common sign your Honda might need some work. Groaning and squeaking sounds could be caused by a tight ball joint or tie-rod end. Your Accord or Civic might also suffer from broken springs. The broken pieces from the springs create noise while rubbing against each other. Cars with higher mileage may require both springs and strut ... read more


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