BG Transmission Service

New York City, Transmission Service When going in for a routine maintenance the last thing anyone wants to hear about are transmission issues. Good thing there are companies out there like BG Products that provide excellent transmission services! BG has a diverse line of transmission products created to withstand the test of time. The transmission service is backed by a lifetime protection plan if the initial service is performed within 100,000 miles. In order to maintain coverage , get a BG Transmission Service every 30,000 miles. BG PF5 Power Flush and Fluid Exchange System The BG PF5 is an alternative to traditional transmission fluid exchange methods. Within a few minutes the PF5 can complete an entire transmission fluid exchange. Different fluid exchange methods such as a pan drop or transmission flush are not as effective when removing old fluid. Any old fluid left behind can contaminate new fluid causing it to br ... read more

How much do you love your Honda?

Queens, New York, Honda Your Honda is probably the most reliable car you have ever owned. The words we frequently hear associated with Hondas are reliability, durability and affordability. What words would you choose to describe your Honda? What's your favorite model? Lets take a look at the most popular 2018 model, the Accord. The 2018 Accord received a complete makeover. The car looks more dynamic from any angle and actually sits lower to the ground. Additional features such as a moon roof, LED head and taillights, and remote start on all trim levels gives the Accord a versatile look. The interior has also been upgraded along with a new 2.0 liter turbo four-cylinder engine. Increased cabin space and legroom provides more comfort for all passengers. Driver seats now come equipped with a 12 way adjustable seat and both front seats come equipped with heating and cooling. The 2018 Accord includes a new 8 inch touch screen on the dashb ... read more

The most neglected service.

Queens, New York, Power Steering Fluid When it comes to maintenance, everyone knows to have routine oil changes. However, many will forget about a power steering fluid service. ​Functioning power steering fluid is vital to your cars steering system. The power steering system allows you to turn the vehicle easily at low speeds. Without this fluid it may become extremely difficult to turn the wheel.   This fluid circulates back and forth through a pump and multiple lines which get dirty over time. There is no filter to keep the fluid clean and bits of rubber and metal will build up creating wear to many of the systems seals. Removing this build us requires a power steering fluid flush. technicians will recommend this flush at factory specified intervals or when the power steering fluid becomes dark brown or black. If this issue is not resolved quickly many of the system components such as the rack, pump, lines and gear will be affected leading to costly repa ... read more

Get ready for spring and summer specials!

Have you been driving frequently in harsh winter weather or stored your car in the garage for the season? If so, maybe its time for a quick service. Cold temperature can do a number on your car and chances for parts to wear and break dramatically increase. Worn out parts from this years grueling snow may need to be replaced. Good thing the cold is on the way out and its time to get your car ready for spring and summer.  Make sure you're up to date on oil changes and other important vehicle services.  Contact us about current and upcoming specials

"We're The Shop That Cares!" - An Open Letter

  We are the best automotive repair shop in Queens, New York. Bold statement? If you are raising your eyebrows hopefully I can explain.   As an owner of a small business and an automotive repair shop, I often ponder on what makes our shop different from the rest. I'm not talking about what features we offer and we do offer a great many features such as our nationwide 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty and ASE certified technicians. These are certainly a benefit to our clients however its definitely not enough put us head and shoulders above other shops. It has been a struggle to put into words on exactly why we are the best auto repair shop but it recently dawned on me after being a "customer". In the last 12 months, I have been in need of various tradesmen from Contractors, Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers and the list goes on. Time and time again what I have experienced was a varying degree of lack of customer service to flat out indiffe ... read more

Why do we offer a “cheap” oil change?

Why do we offer a “cheap” oil change?

          When you look at our introductory oil change offer you might immediately think, “hmmm… why so cheap?” To be 100% transparent we don’t believe in offering a “cheap” oil change and we would never compromise our ethics to do so! Now you're probably really confused so let me explain.       At Essential Auto Care we don’t perform oil changes, we perform an oil service for our clients. An oil service consists of an ASE certified technician performing a courtesy vehicle inspection where he checks the vehicle’s brake system, tires, suspension, steering, on board electronics, warning lights, wipers, and any minor or major services the vehicle may need. This is like having a check up by your doctor. This is performed along with a quality oil and filter replacement. It is absolutely the most important service we can provide our clients. While other outfits might want to rush you i ... read more

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