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Middle Village Battery and Charging System Service

Nothing is worse then your car not starting especially in the dead of winter or far away from your home. Many times we might think that, "the battery died." Symptoms such as flickering or dimming lights, accessories like the radio not working and ultimately the vehicle not starting can be an indication that you may need a battery or some charging system service. How do you know which you need?

The short of it is your vehicle's battery does the most work when it is trying to start your car. Batteries last anywhere from 3-5 years and sometimes shorter depending on the quality of the battery and the state of the charging system. Sometimes you can go ahead and replace a battery and in a matter of a few weeks or months, your car isn't starting again!

The problem may be due do to a poor functioning charging system. Your vehicle's charging system encompasses the alternator as well as the electronic controls (your vehicle's computers), battery cables and various other cables in your vehicle that can go bad due to use, weather conditions, rust and other forms of damage. Problems can be especially exacerbated during really cold or hot weather. Another point worthy to note is newer model vehicles are heavily reliant on the electronic controls and computers to operate properly. Everything from Honda, Toyota, and Subaru to Jeep, Ford and Chrysler. Stabilized voltage is needed at all times for the car to function properly. A poor charging system or battery can actually create consequential damage that can cost you more money in replacing damaged vehicle computers!

At Essential Auto Care we approach every potential battery problem with a full inspection of the charging system. With our advanced vehicle scanning equipment and testing, our ASE certified technicians can pinpoint the areas that need service. At Essential Auto Care we always take the professional approach and never swap parts.

If you are having issues with your battery system we would love to help. We are ALWAYS available to help.

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