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Middle Village Axle Repair

Middle Village Axles Repair by Essential Auto Care

What do your Axles do?
The axles are rotating parts that connect and provide power to the front and rear wheels. The front axle keep moving parts from wearing down the connection point at the transmission. Rear axles protect the moving parts inside the differential. These parts require regular maintenance and repair to stay in optimum condition.

Signs of a faulty Axle
At Essential Auto Care, our ASE certified technicians will diagnose developing issues with a simple inspection. Any axle issue should be repaired immediately in order to keep your vehicle safe and in good driving condition. The following are common signs of a bad axle:

1.Loud clicking noises
Clicking noises especially when making turns are an indication that an axle needs to be replaced.

2.Grease on tire edges
You will notice grease on the edge of tires if there are torn boots on the axles. Leaky boots will eventually lead to joint failure.

3.Vibrations while driving
If any joint or axle shaft is damaged there will be heavy vibration. These vibrations will increase with speed. Heavy vibrations will affect the safety and comfort of the drive.

4.Axle movement
When the vehicle is lifted, axles should not be able to move more than ½ inch. Excessive movement should not happen and the axle should be replaced immediately. This is common in vehicles with more than 100,000 miles.

For any axle issue, Essential Auto Care will fix them! Our services come with a 3 year 36 thousand miles warranty. All visual inspections are complementary!
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