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Middle Village Auto Air Conditioning Repair | Essential Auto Care

If your car has no AC, you’re likely to feel very uncomfortable when the weather gets warmer. If it's becoming too much to handle and you’re tired of stepping into a hot car, come to Essential Auto Care, the one stop shop for all Air Conditioning Repairs. Our ASE certified technicians can diagnose any AC issue, and will have you driving in a comfortably cool car in no time!

Symptoms of a Faulty AC

  1. No cool air coming through the vents

    If you turn on the AC and nothing comes out or if the air is blowing warm, there is likely an issue with the system. This can be caused from a few issues ranging from no refrigerant to a clogged AC unit.

  2. Strange Noises

    If your AC is making strange noises such as banging or rattling there is likely an issue.

  3. Leaks

    AC leaks are tough to find and will require diagnosis from an experienced technician. The leak would cause the air condition to barely stay cool or not work at all. These leaks should be repaired immediately before it leads to a serious issue.

  4. Bad smell

    The AC should never have a bad smell. The smell could be from mold build up within the system. This should be dealt with immediately as mold in the car can lead to serious health issues.

    These are some of the most common signs of an Air Conditioning issue. If you are experiencing any of these issues give us a call at Essential Auto Care for a complimentary consultation.

Middle Village Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Service | Essential Auto Care

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